Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Decorating is Great

Actually the theory of decorating is what is cool. Better still is having the money to do some decortating. Considering that I'm still siting on lawn chairs in the living room, I've clearly got a way to go. I did however buy a new shower curtain last night and it is quite exciting.

It's my first fabric curtain with a nod for my delight of all things quirky and has a circle pattern all over in a pretty creme on aqua. My friend is a an interior designer though, and she was just giving me a hard time on the phone, about the fact that I changed the shower curtain, cause it's not the one that she picked out.

Well, we're not dating, and I want to pick out my own shower curtain. She keeps talking down to me, but I guess we all have our faults. I'm not some stupid person who has no idea what I'd like to do in my own house. So put that in your desinger pipe and smoke it. It occurs to me, she may actually read this, but then I highly doubt it.

As far as blogs go this one needs some work, but then so does my house. All in good time.

I may not have a couch yet, but at least I've got someplace cool to bathe. Maybe I'll just invite company into the bathroom, cause at least it's pretty and there's someplace to sit.


therichjerk101 said...

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Barrie said...

it's nice to know i'm not the only one getting comment spam!

and as far as curtains go. i liked yours better than the designer froo froo one. ha! (and that's not a haha, but a ha!)

but i do have one thing to say about fabric curtains. they scare me. it gets dark in the bathroom. you can't tell if someone is on the other side waiting with a sharp knife. fuck, i just realized i'm probably scaring you. but that's the way i feel. boo!