Wednesday, May 09, 2007

This Just In

Random things about me:

1. I wear a watch almost every day. My brother bought it for me, and it's a silver man type watch, but I never have the time set correctly.

2. I just got diagnosed with Skin Cancer. I'm awaiting my visit to the dermatologist. I was freaked out, but am doing a little better now. I did find out that it is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month, so please go get checked. I had no idea that I had anything wrong with me. Luckily a friend was looking out for me and noticed something wasn't right. Take advantage of the free skin screenings this month. Please. Hopping off my soap-box now.

3. Got some really nice sunblock from Clinque and the woman at the counter was really kind to me, and helped me find some good sunblock. I love the Clinque counter, so I figured anything that can make this situation a little brighter was well worth it. I've got some for my face that is a nice base to be worn under make-up.

4. In the last week while I was home sick, I've watched the following: Countless episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 season 2, Little Children, Entourage, Rocky III, and Sex and the City.

5. I've started reading books again. Read One for the Money, and Two for the Dough a series of books about a female bounty hunter by Janet Evanovich. Light, fun, and a perfect distraction.

6. Last night I bought 2 yes 2 songs by the GO Go's, and one from Henry Mancini on itunes.

7. My left foot is asleep and is buzzing right now.

8. My dad went into the hospital and is out again. Sick with his own cancer but is doing ok at the moment.

9. Shane forgot about me and saw Spiderman 3 without me. I am hoping to catch it soon.

10.Every time I listen to Cat Stevens, it makes me want to quit my job, buy a long skirt twirl in a field and teach kindergarten.

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Barrie said...

if you want to go the MUCH cheaper route, please get lubriderm with spf 15 ($8 for a big tube). i've been using it for years and it actually smells kinda like the beach. i use that for my body and oil of olay (with spf 15) for my face. both much cheaper than clinque and will work under makeup perfectly...

as for your last comment on cat stevens... well, he'll make you want to change your life so i'm glad you're listening to him. seems like the right time for you too. i say get out that flowly skirt and listen to "if you want to sing out, sing out" over and over again. if you do this, you'll pretty much be happy until you die (which shouldn't happen for another 60-70 years).

i love you. (i'm drunk)

your friend from the west,