Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thoughts on a Tuesday

Winter is passing. Or certainly my interest in it is fading quickly. Today on my way to work, my car was crazily vibrating. I'm hoping it's just the bent rim on the passenger side. It's being looked at right now.

It's those little things that throw me for a loop. But good news. My dad seems to be doing better this week, than he was last week, so I'm thankful for this, of course.

Work is passing slowly today. I've finished a story and now I'm ready to start another one, so I'm thankful that my writing bug is back.

Someplace to put my thoughts and keep them close together. Somewhere to channel the crazy. Someplace to say whatever I want, without repercussion. No wonder I used to like it so much.

And on that note, I'll be getting back to it.

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