Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sometimes I feel like a nut

Things that need to leave and or drive me nuts:

1. Croc shoes- Oh how I wished this was a fleeting trend. Yet, it appears this "shoes" are sticking around for god knows how long. Plastic shoe? Come on people. And just because you pair them with wool socks, that doesn't mean they're good for the winter.

2. Beware emails: The ones that are for your own good. But for somebody like me who is already paranoid sometimes, I don't need constant reminders about how not to roll down car window because a masked gun man will shove his hand in my car, and I should carry around a club or something.

I know it's good to be prepared, but all the warnings tend to freak me out more. I think the old rule of, Don't talk to strangers is still valid. Enough said.

3. Noisy co-workers who leave their cell phone set at full volume and then leave it all afternoon. Yes, we all know you have a message now. Thanks for sharing.

4.People on the free way who act like they're entitled to drive in the exact same spot, even when one is trying to merge.

5. Girls with fake nails and tans. Trouble. All of it. Steer clear or dramatics will ensue.

That's enough for today.

My work day is slowing down and soon I'll be having happy hour. Score one for half off drinks. It makes the other things on the list just a tad more bearable.



Barrie said...

they don't call it happy hour for nothing! have one for me.

LQ said...

Wooord up, man. Beware emails are hilarious.