Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Fabulous Seattle

I'm back from visiting my friend Barrie in Seattle. It turned out to be one of the best vacations I've ever had. There was just the right blend of activity and downtime. I went on a hike and yes, fell down. But I'm fine. Saw a concert with a guy who sings like Johnny Cash, named Vince Mira. Stood right near the stage, and it was awesome.

Then I saw history being made as Barrie got 380 in Ski-ball. It was amazing. Saturday we trolled around downtown Seattle, and later went on a mini walk a thon to see some Fire works at this park, called Gasworks. Sunday was a lady spa day complete with a massage.

Monday was a tour of the library, a gungy bar called Shorty's, sushi, ice cream and yet another beautiful park. Monday morning it was lattes and cupcakes for breakfast at this little shop in Ballard, near Barrie's house.

It was the perfect anecdote to my stressed out life here at home. I actually slept great the whole time, ate fairly healthy, did a lot of walking and talking, drank a lot of yummy coffee, and just enjoyed hanging out without having a lot to do.

I also met Barrie's boyfriend Dominic, who was very friendly. It's always a little scary to be some body's guest because you never know how it's going to turn out.

No worries here. All went amazingly well. I'm going to hold this positive mood tightly in my grasp for a few more days.
And some-how block out the fact that I came home to a $1200 car repair, and jury duty.

Barrie and I were already discussing my next trip which is a lovely thought. Let me just pay off this car bill first.


Barrie said...

i really am so happy you had a great time. and i'm really proud that you walked all that way to shorty's without realizing it's kinda a legendary place here in seattle. next time you come, we might actually take in more sights. but slowly of course so you don't trip again.

i'm thinking spa vacay 2010 here we come! or of course, another seattle vacation where maybe we do a side trip to vancouver or portland. ahhh, the possibilities.

p.s. dominic loved all THREE of the cupcakes he bought me :-)

Barrie said...

p.p.s. i'm just noting all the things you missed...

-walked around green lake
-that park you mention on sunday was actually a beach :-)
-saw cute little designs in your lattes
-watched salmon swim against the current
-ate at a TACO TRUCK!
-had a bbq
-ate pancakes with kefir in it (and you never even knew- mwhahaha)
-took lots of bus rides
-got to sleep in
-met some zombies
-kinda saw the space needle
-drove by golden gardens (the beach near me)
-went to a farmer's market and bought lots of cherries
-bought cherries from the side of the road
-saw the house that inspired Up (or so i like to think)
-saw a mcD's billboard that was vandalized, but in a good way
-tried new things!!

and i'm sure there's more, but that's the gist. come back real soon ya here!