Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Wild Haired Oklahoma Girl

I have lost one of my very best friends and while I can hardly believe my beautiful soulful friend Nevada, isn't just a text message away anymore, I find myself searching for tangible things to hold onto.

I know over the next few months, hell even years, I'll talk of her and laugh about the things we've done and I'll share that here.
But for now, I'll simply post one of her blog entries. It sums her up pretty well.

Love to you, Nevada.

Below is her blog entry.

I vow to do the work. It's all I can do until the chance is given to begin my toils. And it is a work I will be happy in doing. I know the road is often long and hard, but any travel, no matter how difficult, is worth it if your companion is good.

So here's my promises:

I promise to...
Open my mind and let important people in.
Open my heart to the same.
Let down my walls in order to achieve true understanding.
Stand up for myself if need be.
Pursue outside interests on my own.
Encourage the pursuit of outside interests in the lives of those I love.
Collaborate and cultivate joint interests.
Step outside my comfort zone on my own.
Allow others to help me step outside of my comfort zones.
Communicate nearly obsessively to understand and be understood.
Argue, debate, discuss, but never put down or hurt intentionally.
Dance, laugh, sing, walk, travel and generally enjoy the life I have and the life I am capable of having.
Remember friends both old and new.
Meet new people.
Be silly, have fun, find my inner child and give her a huge hug.
Better myself in my career, in my finances, in my home, in my life, in my relations.
Let go of fear.
Strive for and respect individuality.
Be a little more selfish and a little less shy.
Remember to bend so I don't have to break.
Expect more and strive for more.
Try new things and never let the ruts of comfort get too deep.
Offer unending, unconditional friendship.
Believe in the future and never lose sight of the next beautiful moment because I'm focused on the end of the journey.

And most importantly, LOVE deeply, sincerely, justly, and unconditionally.


Kim said...

This is a beautiful mission statement for everyone to live by. I'd love it to hang in my study as a reminder of how to live each day.

Barrie said...

kelly, i had no idea. i will call you today.