Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Tuesdays at the BL

Thank God fo my Tuesday Night Lotus friends. We were friends before, but nothing on this level. Something about grief really makes you honest. And free. Time to be yourself. And you truly get how the other people feel. I'm left with this overwhelming urge to protect them all, and scoop em up. And the best part of it, is that it started as a way to cope with the loss of our friend, but it has evolved so that we're are learning about each other's lives. It's not a meeting for the dead. It's a night of the living. For laughing. And for finding the joy of the stupid, the silly and the absurd.

But it's also about the one who is gone. Nevada. She's as much a part of the nights as anyone there. It's very natural for her to come up in conversation. Stories about her flow as easily as the brewed beer we all enjoy.

And no topic is off limits. Sometimes we laugh about the stupid things that were said to us during the day: Mine yesterday was this: "Why do you have to wear your dead friend's coat?"

We laughed together at the absurdity. No other explantion was needed. It's the one time all week, that I usually feel normal again. Or semi normal for a little while in a world without one of my best friends.

It's double bonus this week: Pancaking on Saturday.

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Barrie said...

whomever said that comment to you deserves a slap in the face or a shit pill in their coffee. fuck that bitch!