Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Play that Music

I say this with love. It's about me after all...

Anyway, sometimes, I like to listen to 50 Cent and Dr. Dre. Listening to a song right now, called, "Bitches ain't shit." Nothing makes me feel whiter. And maybe that is why I love the escape that this music brings me. I can't relate to it in any way, and I have no rhythm at all.

The non PC lyrics also hold a certain appeal as everything in our world is sanitized now. This music is gritty and colorful.

And from a writing perspective, I admire the rhymes and the way they effortlessly roll off the tongues of these artists.

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Barrie said...

weird, we both wrote about music recently! anyway, it's all tupac and biggie over in my world. but i can also get down to the crap too - like kanye. i just love his beat, but sometimes his rhymes are just ridiculous.

have you heard of kid cudi? not sure if you would like him, it's not really rap but more pop meets rap. you should give it a try.