Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Love

I posted a blog the other day, about all the things that I hated now that Nevada has died. Not all were negative. But to make a counter blog about all the things I loved about her, was a suggestion.(thanks mom).

I love that I came to work at Wunderman in January of 2006 and met Nevada.

I love that after our initial conversation, she gave me a chance, and we became really good friends.

I love that she always made me see things in a different way and helped me to laugh at myself.

I love that she was so passionate about writing.

I love that she wanted me to find somebody to love so bad, that she spend hours and hours helping me get ready for dates, fielding emails, and writing personal ads for me.

I love that she walked with me almost daily. And helped me get thin.

I love how much she loved her boyfriend Trevor.

I love that she always had time for me.

I love her ability to live in the moment and be fully present, with whatever she was doing.

I love her loyalty. Once she was your friend, she was there no matter what.

I love that we could have fun no matter what we were doing.

I love her strength in times of crisis.

I love her hatred of talking on the phone, and the fact that I had to get a text plan just to talk to her.

I love that she hated the phone, but she would talk to me whenever I needed her.

I love that she accepted me for me, but tried to make me the best me that she could.

I love our how our walks often ended at Bastone for beer.

I love how she introduced me to good beer.

I love the way she wouldn't let any harm come to me on her watch.

I love her fearless nature, even in the face of a scary, unknown illness.

I love her sense of humor.

I love her sense of style for her own self and her ability to dress those around her.

I love her quirky love of projects, no matter how random. Including making her own bed. Literally.

I love her love of life.

I love her crabbing at me to snap out of mood swings.

I love her explaining ankle beards.

I love our talks about turtles.

I love that any secret was safe.

I love how she could calm me, when I was freaking out.

I love that she believed in me, at times when I didn't believe in myself.

I love sitting on patios in backyards, drinking a good beer with her.

I love the trip on the train to Chicago when we ate our way through the city.

I love her friendship.

I love her ability to really listen.

I love her ability to dance.

I love her zest for finding the perfect gift.

I love her.


mom said...

that is awesome. Made me cry. Good job, honey. This really helped me to get to know Nevada and what you felt for her. Off to the movies to see toy story.

Unknown said...

love ya