Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011- Day 1

One of my goals for 2011, is to write again. This is a big improvement over last year, where my sole resolution was to not commit suicide.

Since today is the very first day of the new year, it seemed to be a good time to get writing, even if today it is only this blog entry.

I survived my first set of holidays without my dad and my second without my dear friend Nevada. Both of those things seem surreal. I'm cleaning out clutter though to get mentally geared up to do many things this year. Self publish a story collection, (sounds less imitating than writing a book), getting back to the gym and exercise (we will take it one day at time), but considering I had cereal and a glass of wine for dinner, today doesn't seem to be the day. (Let's be honest and two cookies). :)

Hoping to continue traveling this year as nothing sets my spirit free, like new air when I wake up someplace new.

Plan to focus on getting a new job where I don't dread going in to work, all while enjoying the plethora of vacation time the current job allows.

Today, I bought a new computer battery as what good is a laptop that can't leave the house for fear of being disconnected from the power outlet? And I did make it to the grocery store.

May 2011 bring me love, laughter, gym adventures, writing material, good writing, good beer, good friends, a great family, a chance to wear all my cute old clothes again, a few vacations, and a lot less pain than the end of 2009 and the entire 2010.

Love to all that read this. I hope we can take this journey together.

My GPS is fired up for our adventures.


Anonymous said...

Hoping your wishes come true! One step at a time and we all arrive at some point!

Courtney said...

Oh Kelly, I think your resolutions are great! I look forward to reading about them on your blog and I agree - a blog post is a GREAT place to begin. If anyone deserves a happier year in 2011, it's you!

Erin Q. Hartman said...


Give them Hell..... be a bit sideways, and still let some healing begin..... work out, eat less....that shit is easy, but most of all... bring the love ones with you in Happiness not sadness....that is what I have learned!

Anonymous said...

I wish you a wonderful 2011...can turn that GPS to the letter P....think it's under Patchin Palace in a nice german accent if I remember correct )