Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Good so Far

2012 is shaping up to be a great year, and I'm only half way through. Especially when one compares it to 2009 and 2010 and let's be honest, 2011 wasn't that great either.
This wasn't to be a blog by Debbie Downer though so onto why things are good:

1. My new house: Loving it. I am still working on decorating it. But I'm loving it. Coming home every day to my own space that I pay for all by myself has given me a sense of contentment and peace I didn't think one would find in a mere house. As I slowly turn into a home, I love it more every day. I look forward to projects in my yard, to finding the perfect kitchen table, and to painting my bathroom my favorite color.

2. My new dog. Yes, part of the reason I wanted a house (besides getting away from the cheap ass landlord) was so that I could get a pet again. So about six weeks ago I adopted a puppy. I never intended to get a dog that was so young, but like people you either have chemistry or you don't. We had chemistry from that first meeting at the shelter in Pontiac.
Scout ( her name was Marigold) and I had an instant connection. She put her paw on my leg and laid her soft puppy head on my lap and that was it. She picked me as much as I picked her.

Life with her hasn't been dull and gets better every day as we get to know each other and our respective quirks.
Scout enjoys cuddle time every morning when she first wakes up. She grunts her approval when she's done eating and when we ride in the car, she puts her paws on the console so she can look out the front window and periodically leans over and licks my arm.

3. The third reason why 2012 is shaping into awesome is because I have a new job. I've only been at my new place for just under two weeks and I can already tell that I'm going to love it here. It's a Social Media Company, so I'm learning a whole new set of skills, which makes me happy. The company really values the employees and treats us with respect. I'm three miles away from my house, and I can bring Scout to work sometimes.
You can't ask for more than that.

After being at my lowest, I think it's making me appreciate the good things even more.
I've started eating healthy again and exercising so there's really no limits on where I can go.
Come on 2012: Bring me the love of my life. I'm ready.

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