Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Oh Happy Day

I realized that in order to have a successful blog, I need to be more Free to be Me. Although the last blog where I was really free, was when I ranted about happy couples, which is part of today's topic too.

The roommate, her name is Tonya just told me last night that the new boyfriend will be spending the weekend with us. And I do mean the whole weekend. He lives about a half an hour away, but he might as well live, 8 hours away. He brings a bag, and all his crap, and my roommate turns into a 1950's housewife, which trust me is not her normal MO. She cooks and cleans the whole time he's there, except for when they're holed up in her love cocoon on her bed, with the door closed. And trust me, I'm thankful the door is closed, but the whole situation is just wierd. They spend all their "date nights" hanging out with the dude's dad, and his girlfriend. That's when they aren't playing cribbage. Who under the age of 60 plays that game?
And this is the official Valentine Weekend, or for single people we call it Saturday,and Yep, I'm still alone. Why don't we get a day to celebrate the fact that so far, we haven't shackled ourselves to some slob who sits on the couch and scratchs himself? I should be so lucky. It's the grass is black on my side, and green as can be over there. It's not true. Most of the couples I know are not Zened out on some high Nirvana all the time. I usually hang up from their calls, and think, I'm not really missing anything, and I still control my remote control all the time.
I don't really need a Holiday to make me feel bad about being alone. I did that last week, and there weren't any flowers or candy.
My blog may sound like the opposite, but I'm not actually that upset about being single at the moment. It does have its moments of satisfication.

Like I can do whatever I want. All the time. No kids to worry about, so if I see a cute pair of shoes, and decide to spend my grocery cash on them, the only one who gets affected is me. Sure, I have to eat cereal for dinner for days after, but really it's worth it. Sometimes a cute pair of shoes can really put a happy skip in your day. Or if I decide to get drunk for no reason, that's ok too. Some might say that's a cry for help, but sometimes nothing beats a good buzz, and nowhere to go. So I try and take joy in it.

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