Monday, May 01, 2006

What this Woman Wants

Last week, as I was getting ready for work, the Today Show had a segment on what Women find Sexy/ Appealing in a Man.

Well, I missed the segment, but it got me thinking about what I'm looking for, or not ever trying to catch, so I've complied my own list.

1. A man who is witty and quick. A little bit of goofy funny is ok too. Somebody who is willing to make fun of himself once in a while.

2. Kindness. Especially when no one is looking.

3. Manners. Very sexy, when a man opens a door. For me, it doesn't have to be the car door, but any other kind is awesome. It is nice when a man treats you with a little extra care, simply because you're a woman.

4. Smart. There is a difference between education and intelligence. A lot of stupid people go to college. A man should be able to carry on an intelligent conversation.

5. Attraction. Obviously, physical attraction is important. It's the one thing that seperates dating from being buddies. I want to be friends with my significant other, but I'd also like to be secretly thinking about ripping off their clothes. I'd like them to do the same.

6. Quirky. Have a unique sensibility. Or an innate understanding of my strange socks.

7. Sense of fun. Be willing to try new things. I'm of the mind, you should try anything once, and he should be the same.

8. Open-Minded. I don't want a lap dog to agree with everything I say, but I'd like a worthy debate partner who is willing to see other points of view. We don't need to agree, but we need to respect each other's opinions.

9. Good Job: My definition of a good job is not related to money. Honest. I want a guy who is happy with his M-F, simply because it makes for a happier person.

10. Family. Meaning he loves his family, enjoys seeing them, but doesn't have his mom on speed-dial.

And if he happens to love Johnny Cash, well, all the better.

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Barrie said...

i keep meaning to put my mom on speed dial, but always forget.

reasonable list. much like every girl who doesn't go on jerry springer, i think.