Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Heading North

Yes, I will join millions of Americans on I-75 North, in a trek up north for the Memorial Day weekend.

My dad and I are taking a road trip up to Lake Leelanu to my mom's place. It used to be my grandpa's house, but after he died, my mom bought the house.

I've been going up to the area for 30 plus years, and in some ways, it feels more like home than the place I grew up in Milford.

I know the roads. I always eat at the Happy Hour. I've acquired my grandparents disdain for Traverse City. Not that it's a bad place. It's just crowded, and usually when I'm there, I'd rather lay on the deck or sunbathe, or go to a winery. If I wanted to go shopping in a crowded store, well, I'd stay home.

I'm looking forward to catching up on some sleep and all my magazine reading.

There's a rumor that even my brother will join us. How fun. Mom has a sailboat, so maybe we'll do some boating, Kennedy style.

Minus the drunken encounters and lying about it after the fact. I will probably have a drink or two. Maybe I'll make sangria. I did that last year, and it was tasty.

Maybe we won't be too crowded...we're leaving Saturday morning, and returning on Tuesday night.

Either way, at least I'll have company this time. My dad is fun to travel with. He goes into vacation mode, and it's fairly easy going.

Look out, Leland!

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