Monday, June 19, 2006

B is for Birthday

On Friday, I offically got older. And it was one of my best birthdays to date.

The first part of my day was business as usual with work and what not. Then I left work at lunch time, and decided to go visit some friends at my old job.

That was lots of fun, because I just got to ask about them, and didn't have to worry about an upcoming project or deadline. My friend Joe, danced for me.

After that, I headed home, to find a big box on the porch from my friend Karlene. I was sure she'd mailed me a box of air, but I discovered a watch inside. It is very cool, and I'm wearing it right now. It's red. Then, I lesiurly got ready, and friends started calling and gathering at my house, as a group of us we're headed to dinner at Sangria in Royal Oak, which is a tapas restuarant. And my sweet cousin Mckenzie was double-booked, but she drove all the way to my house to give me a card, a hug and a birthday wish.

Then it was off to dinner.

Many little plates of food, and pitchers of Sangria later, we headed to Dearborn to see Me and Joe Smith at the New Place Lounge. Joe rocks the guitar, and he knows his way around those cords. He played lots of Cash covers, which I enjoyed immensly.

I ushered in this birthday with lots of celebrating, and the happiness that comes with knowing just how many people wish me well.

It's easy to forget that fact on a daily basis. So it's nice to know how many people care about you.

And a giant bottle of gin, well that's even better than birthday cake.(Thanks, Amy)

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ColleenQ said...

B is also for BELATED Birthday...a 12 pack of Bud light ought to make up for my tardiness (I hope!).