Wednesday, June 21, 2006


At this time tommorow, I'll be on the plane. On route to Las Vegas.

Cheers to that. In the meantime, I've got a full work day to get through. Last night was busy with laundry, and packing and what-not. This morning, I dragged my tired self out of bed to go to the gym.

The treadmill. The bike. My new Entertainment Weekly. How sweet it is. I was riveted by an article about the new Superman movie. It looks like it might be good. It's the perfect summer time popcorn movie. Fluffy entertainment, and what more do I need?

I still remember seeing the original Superman. My dad took Shane, BJ, and me. It was awesome. Gummy candy in my teeth, and a hot man in tights. I was so happy.

I hope the new Superman evokes some good memories. I mean, how can anybody not like Superman? You can make fun of the outfit, I'll give you that, but he does what's right, and saves people. And his alter ego? Giant nerd!

Who of us can't relate to that? A big hearted giant nerd who trys their best to make the world a better place for everyone?

And with that, I better go. This blog is getting even cheesier than a plate of nachos.

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ColleenQ said...

You'd better be addicted to Blackjack when you return - I know you'd hate to disappoint the mother/daughters!

(I moved my blog and love it here so far!)