Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Blind Leads

This morning when I woke up fuzzy and blind, I could've sworn that I saw Lee Harvey Oswald standing on my neighbor's roof.

I've been blessed in many ways in my life, good job, nice friends, fun and loving family, but I got the shaft when it comes to eye sight. I can't see anything. My contacts go all the way up to a -7.5.

And when my alarm went off this morning, telling me to go to the gym (I've got quite a streak going), I looked over and there was Harvey. I wasn't sure why he was there, but can only assume he'd traded his hate of the President, into a new cause:

Guarding the street so that nobody would park in front of my crazy neighbor's house. Who knows? It's possible that crazy people have a soroity of sorts, and watch guard over each other's causes.

After I'd gone to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and came back to my room, I put my glasses on. Turns out Lee Harvey Oswald is a chimmney.

Go figure.

Still blowing smoke.

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