Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Half Optimist

I watched the movie, Half Nelson last night. The subject matter was a tad depressing, (teacher addicted to crack), but it was a good story in that it wasn't all down-trodden and the story didn't wrap up in some neat little bow at the end. The teacher was played by Ryan Gosling who did a great job in my opinion.

He had a line in the movie about, every time the sun comes up we're blessed with a new day." While that idea isn't new, it was nice for me to be reminded of that once in a while. Today is better than yesterday for me, and maybe tommorow will be even better.

Maybe it's cause I went to the gym, or because the sun is out, or because I got a haircut. Who knows?

I'm just looking forward to feeling good for the rest of the day, minus the tiredness.

I consider myself a cynical optimist. It fits me most of the time.

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