Friday, April 27, 2007

Arm Hole

It's Friday night and I thought I'd check in. Busy week.

M-F, usual work related hoopla. Till Friday afternoon. Had a doctor's appointment today with my old school doctor. I needed to check on this thing on my arm, that hadn't gotten better or gone away. Rewind a few days and it looked exactly like this skin cancer picture in a health magazine, I'd decided to read while hanging out with my dad.

I was trying to cheer him up, he's been sick and has cancer to boot. So we hung out watched about 10 minutes of Gilmore Girls and then we watched a solid hour of COPS.

Now that's entertainment. Anyway, when I finally laid down as is my custom I read before bed, and that's when I saw the article on skin cancer.

So, this afternoon I went to my doctor where he froze the sore, removed it and now we wait for a week while they test it, to see if it's anything or nothing.

Then I went to my gym for a post doctor workout, then onto CVS to pick up my prescription and it was home for some couch time, where I watched Entourage and then cleaned out my cabinet under the bathroom sink.

Tomorrow is more of the same. Maybe I'll get crazy and go to a movie.

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Barrie said...


i'd call you right now but if i'm a betting man i'd say you're in bed at midnight on a friday.

which is why i want to call you.

i think you should come for a visit. get out of town. fuck, just get out of the state. we'll probably get on eachother's nerves but still. it seems like you're heading to a place you've been before and need something (or someone) crazy and spontaneous at the moment.

i'm always here if you need to talk.