Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Easter Bonnets

If one could throw up emotions, I'd be heaving my guts out right now.

But since I can't, I'll just tell you that I'm leaving town on Friday and going up north to see my mom. She lives near Lake Leelanau, and she's invited me to spend Easter up there.

Sounds nice to get away, so I shall. I almost always feel better after one of those road trips. Maybe it's cause of all my own road-trip rituals that bring me comfort. For example, if I have to use the restroom while traveling, I will almost always stop at McDonald's. Why? It's usually generally clean, and you will always find a McDonald's no matter how small the town is.

By the time I'm at the Zilwaulkee Bridge, I always feel more relaxed and calm, and like I'm actually on vacation. I love trading in the burning up I-75 at record speeds for the slower, curvy 2 lane roads after Grayling. I like stopping sometimes at the Cherry Market in Kalkaska. They sell these tiny little clothes pin cookies that I swear are the tastiest cookie ever, and trust me, I eat a lot of cookies.

Then once I reach Traverse City, I feel as if I've arrived, even though I've got another 30 minutes. I love driving through Sutton's Bay and guessing what the movie playing will be, a childhood ritual that has stayed with me.

I love driving along M-22 and looking at Grand Traverse Bay.

When I arrive, my mom starts chattering non stop and she helps me carry all my stuff inside, usually commenting about how much stuff I've brought.

Then, we usually have a snack and then we head to the store to stock up snacks and goodies.

This year we're going out for Easter Brunch with my aunt at the Bluebird. A fine Easter dinner that none of us have to cook.

4 days of bliss will be upon me soon.

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