Monday, December 10, 2007

My Guility and Not so Guilty Pleasures

Today's blog deals with guilt. Both the good and the bad. Thanks for the idea, C.

A. Name 6 guilty pleasures no one would suspect you of having:

1. I like sequin clothing. Luckily, I have friends that intervene before I actually buy a shirt that belongs on the wall in a casino, and wouldn't really be suitable to wear anywhere, except maybe Vegas.

2. After I get off work, if I'm not going anywhere I like to put on my fleece pajama pants with the jumping cows on them and watch Scrubs on DVD.

3. Occasionally, I still crave the old school Kraft Mac and cheese in the blue box. Bring on the stomach pains.

4. Romance Novels: This is a big one. I belong to a smart, funny and sophisticated writer group where I usually speak about the classic book or non ridicule book I'm reading, ie, "The Things They Carried", or some other title. It would be hard to admit, I'd just read, Paradise, or Perfect to those women. But now I've outed myself, as several members do read this blog.
I certainly don't read them with the appetite I once had in high school, but I've given this a lot of thought and the reason I still like them, is that I'm guaranteed a happy ending. I'm a bit too cynical to believe in the perfect man and his amazing qualities, but I do enjoy a happy ending every now and then.

5. Cleaning Helper Kits: I own the Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner, the Swifter Wet Jet and the Swifter duster. I just love these products that make cleaning easier for me, since I do hate to clean and I make an awful housewife. But in exchange, you'd get a witty and kind person to share your bathroom with.

6. Rick Springfield: I do own a Rick Springfield Cd. He was my first crush and I got his album for my 6th birthday. He was so fine with his white undershirt singing Jessie's Girl. How can you not find that a bit endearing?

B. Name six guilty pleasures you wish you had the courage to indulge:

1. Super high sexy shoes. But, my feet just weren't made for walking in those death traps.

2. Telling the corporate folks here what I think. (Similar to yours C.). But alas, that won't be happening.

3. Quitting my job and traveling around the country, listening to Cat Stevens, eating peanut butter and skipping every where I went.

4. Selling my sensible Saturn for a hot tramp convertible.

5. Never paying back my student loans. This is of course only imaginary. I wouldn't ever default on such a serious thing, but boy what I could do instead with that money.

6. Eating carrot cake every day, until I no longer even wanted to see the stuff.

3. Six Guilty Pleasures you once considered guilty but now have made peace with:

1. My love of magazines: It's sick. It's out of control. But the more I have, the more I read and it just feeds on itself. But magazines make me happy in a way I can barely explain, so I subscribe to a beloved few, and pilfer daily through the magazine bin for free media left-overs and I'm not ashamed anymore.

2. My passion for socks. And not plain old white ones. I'm talking about kooky fun insane socks. Why not? My feet need to wear them, so why not make it interesting down there?

3. Matching bras and panties: Most friends with husbands or boyfriends tell me that the men don't even notice this stuff anyway, so all the more reason that I do it for me. I love the feeling I get when I'm wearing super cute undies and matching bra under my otherwise blah outfit. And, if I buy the stuff that is a little nicer, it holds together a little while longer.

4. Coupons: Yes, I cut coupons. And where do I keep them? In my coupon wallet of course. And why not? Isn't that what Sundays are for? Laundry, buying the paper and then cutting coupons? If I have to buy Tide why not get it for a dollar less?

5. Cards: Both sending and shopping for them. I don't ever need to set foot in Hallmark, as I have plenty of notecards and other stationary to write thoughtful notes on, but sometimes nothing beats pouring over the special cards to find the best one for my best friends birthday, or a get well to a friend who's been sick for a while.

6. Beverly Hills 90210: What can I say? I grew watching this soapy, crazy, over the top show and I couldn't get enough of Dylan's brooding or Brenda's harping: "We're from Minnesota", or "We had sex Dylan." That became her answer to everything. And now that it is out on DVD, I'm happy to relive the good parts of my own high school angst without the acne or cripping insecurities. Thank you, 90210.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, a lot of these are mine, as well. Especially 90210! We need to get together and make those ww carrot cake cupcakes and watch 90210!