Thursday, June 18, 2009

Assorted Ramblings

*I celebrated a birthday this week.
By all accounts it was a good one. I spent some time with family, assorted friends, pampered myself with a pedicure and tried not to dwell on my age or the fact that I'm still single. Not much good comes from that line of thinking. Instead I tried to embrace the good things in my life and the people who love me. Even when I'm crabby or sad.

*I LOVE Levi jeans. They just fit me. And while I still have the goal to go down one more size, the current pair I do own make me feel good in body and soul. Applying this logic, I was shopping recently and noticed that Levi's makes shorts too. Why in the world then, are the shorts so horribly unflattering? I mean seriously god-awful.

*Which came first the alcoholic or the cancer patient? Both are battling in my life at the moment.

*I finished Beach Music recently. I loved it. It will certainly become a favorite in my book reading mind. There is something truly extraordinary about the way that Pat Conroy tells a story. There is clearly one main protagonist, but he writes so richly that all the characters become important and beloved. And the ending. I won't spoil it, but I was happy with the story from start to finish and will still never be able to fully convey how wonderful it was.

* Mad Men. In prepartion for season 2's release on DVD, I've started to re-watch season 1, and it is incredible. The way that Betty was so adoring of Don in season 1, and his blatant disregard for his marriage vows during the entire season. And yet, Don Draper is somehow, still like-able, still charming.
Which got me thinking.
Would I still think that about him, if he looked like a regular guy rather than so incredibly hot and charismatic?


Barrie said...

to your last question, the answer is obvious. just look at the younger twerp fiddling with the secretary (shit, i forget his name). the way i see it, he's a younger draper. just not as handsome, but probably more relatable (minus the fact that he's loaded for being a junior AE). i'm pretty sure that's why draper and him are always at ends. sometimes you end up hating someone who is just like you.

Courtney said...

no. he is just that hot.