Monday, June 01, 2009


My Life to date:

Beach Music-Fantastic. Still not finished. Plan to finish it by the weekend for sure.

Work- Summer Fridays start this week for me. Hooray!

Movies- Saw the new Star Trek. It was a fun movie and I'm in no way a Trekkie. Still haven't watched, Benjamin Button. Can't seem to sit down for a three hour movie.

Dating- Yes. Could be better. Could be worse.

Working Out- Need more Elliptical machines. My biceps are becoming shapely.

Music- The new Eminem cd is a good summertime choice.

TV- Waiting for new season of Mad Men that starts in August. Sigh. Enjoying Rescue Me. Good like it was the first few years.

Trips- Several long weekends up north, some solo some with friends. The first of the season, to come Thursday. A "real" vacation to Seattle over the July 4th holiday.


Barrie said...

eminem? it's like i don't even know you anymore.

and why does it seem like mad men is taking forever to come back on? i feel like i have to rewatch the last two seasons to remember what's happening.

Courtney said...

so glad you are enjoying beach always makes me nervous to give books!