Wednesday, January 12, 2005

What a Feeling

At first there was nothing.....

Does anyone else hear the theme to Flashdance in their head when they think of going to the gym? I do, but probably because my friend Barrie made me some gym cd's, and that's one of my songs.

Problem is this: I have the gym membership, I've got the shoes. I just can't wake up. I was doing well before the holidays. I've been trying to get there 5 days a week. This week so far, I'm 0 of 3. So tommorow, I'll make it. I feel better when I go, and obviously realize that I'll get in shape much faster if I put down the cookies and hop on the treadmill.

I want to be in shape for the spring. I don't like being heavy, but right now all the clothing is kind of bulky anyway, but come spring it's all out there. And I want to be ready. I know I can do it. Last time I lost 30 pounds.

Getting up is half the battle. Since I've put it out in the cyber universe I'll make it hold water. Especially since I was driving around with my tennis shoes in my car today, and they are mocking me.

1 comment:

Barrie said...

so, go after work fool! or on the weekends. or maybe be more realistic and say you have to go 4 days a week. and if you don't than there's a punishment, like you can't watch rescue me or eat that chocolate or something like that. just do it. nike....