Thursday, January 06, 2005

Why Cell Phones Suck

My friend Amy called me on her cell phone, but she couldn't hear me, so I ended up yelling in her ear and then she got mad at me and hung up. I didn't know she hung up, and I had apologized but she missed the whole thing. That's the thing about cell phones. They cut you off at the worst times. Don't ever try and have a heart-felt conversation because as soon as you reach the climax of what you were calling for........I find myself really having fee....... that's the moment the folks at Nextel will decide that you didn't mean to tell that childhood friend that you've fallen in love with them. They are either sadistic bastards who want you to build up the courage that has taken you 20 years to get and call him back, or they are angels in disguise who are saving you from the utter humiliation of making such a grand declaration.

I'm thinking they've got a twisted sense of humor. Because the phone never cuts you off in the middle of a conversation with your mother when she is warning you about the dangers of visiting an ATM late at night, or asking if you've started your new diet yet, or if you're sure that you should go on that interview.

I think all the parents in the world are in cahoots with Nextel and all the cell phone companies and if they really want to make a dent, they need to team up with the people from Sallie Mae. There's a hidden goldmine in there....All they have to do is......Oops there goes the cell phone again.

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Barrie said...

Are you into girls now? Hehe. Sounded like it on your blog.

Have you been reading my blogs? If not, you suck.