Friday, January 27, 2006

Chinese New Year

Happy New Year to everybody in China.

Now, whip out those party hats.

Seriously. Last night, I went out with my new co-workers and ran into some old friends.

We all gathered to celebrate a tradition, that I feel lucky to be included in. We started out at Goodnight Gracie's in Royal Oak. That was cool. I've lived in Royal Oak for a year, and hadn't ever set foot in the place. I don't like martini's much, and I don't smoke cigars.

But of course, a bar being a bar, they served other drinks. I had a tasty gin and tonic. And I knew the bartender, so he bought it for me.

We then headed over to the Peking House, where I'm not kidding. They've got giant lazy susan's in the center of the tables, so once the dishes are set, you simply spin the wheel and decide what you may eat.

A good time was had by me. I was tired this morning, but I blame it on my new morning routine. I now wake up an hour earlier than i had to at my previous job. It's ok, but it's taking some time to adjust. I'm still lucky that we don't start till 9 anyway.

Kind of like banks. Without the pile of money or the tellers, so yeah. It's just the same.

Have a good weekend. Scratch a dog or two.

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Barrie said...

seems like you've never been to a chinese restaurant before. they have those lazy susan's at many of them.