Thursday, January 26, 2006

ODE to JoE

Today's blog entry is dedicated to my friend Joe.
If you don't know Joe. Read on, and you might learn to love him too.

10 Things I love about Joe.

1. He dances for my entertainment. And that sounds dirty, but it's not. All clothes remain on at all times.

2. Joe is kind. If you're his friend, he makes time for you, even when he doesn't have it.

3. He doesn't judge me when I tell him strange things. He listens, and then adds something even more bizarre.

4. Which brings me to his sense of humor. Anything from a squirrel pushing a basket of ham, to a book of photos with captions about old ladies and hand-guns.

5. Because of him, I finally saw Fight Club. Great movie. Don't judge me, just cause I took 10 years to watch it.

6. He opens doors. And he used to carry my multiple bags of stuff up to my office in the morning.

7. It inspires me to see how much he loves his wife. We spent an evening after work gathering things so he could make her a scrapbook of all their dates, leading up to the proposal. He'd even kept a record of all their emails from when they first started dating.

8. We never run out of things to talk about.

9. He has no idea how awesome he is. He pretends he thinks he's awesome, but he's humble and down to earth.

10. Eating lunch with Joe was often the best part of my work day.

I've never met anybody like him, and I thank God for bringing me such a good friend.
So, there you go.

The beauty of Joe in a nutshell.

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