Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Footloose No More

So, let's talk about Sean Penn's brother, who most people refer to most often as the, "guy from Footloose."
Apparently he has died. Cause of death TBD. He is best known as Willard.

Kevin Bacon's nerdy, but cool friend who learned to bust a move under the steady care of Mr. Bacon's, character, Ren.
And yes, I've seen this movie a few times. Admit it. You stop everytime it scrolls by on your 100 channel cable extravenganza.

Why? Because it's cheesy and yet very entertaining, and so 80's. Come on. A town without dancing? How innocent is that?

Now days, it would have to be something much darker, and it wouldn't be the same.
We say goodbye Willard...We will miss you.
Let's hear it for the boy.
And sadly now, your brother Sean, he'll be even more angry.

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