Sunday, December 10, 2006

Red, Blue and OH NO!

It never fails to get my heart racing. The flash of blue and red lights behind you. And today it caught me totally off guard. You see I've been pretty responsible almost boring all weekend:

Going to the gym, cleaning my house, organzing files, with occassional breaks for a quick show on DVD, and today I'd only left to go get a newspaper, and was pulled over on my way home. So close to my house, I really could've walked.

When it was all said and done, the cop did me a favor. And gave me a ticket for an unsigned registration. But he was still a jerk the whole time, acting as if a speeding ticket should be treated with the same disregard, as if I'd killed somebody and stuffed their head in my trunk.

Ligten up, would you buddy? Anyway, the ticket is sitting on my fridge, and I plan to take care of it before work tomorrow morning. Out of sight, and out of mind.

Is it me or do you have the urge to rush home and pour a drink after talking to the police?

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