Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What Floor?

One of the perks and or downfalls, of working in an office is the elevator. Before I get started, yes I should take the stairs and often do when I'm coming back from lunch. But on my way into work I always have too much stuff, plus a cup of coffee and since I'm naturally clumsy well, I take the elevator.

Today's ride was better than most. I was far away from the door and the elevator was ready to close, but some nice guy shoved his hand out to hold it open a minute longer to let me get on.

Secondly, the button for my floor was pushed already. And finally when me and polite guy got off on our floor, he again held both doors for me to get inside our floor.

Success indeed. But I'm talking about those other rides. The ones where there is already a person on the elevator when I get on, and they're standing right next to the button panel, but don't bother asking what floor? They just stare and assume you're just hanging out. Last week, this woman got on and she didn't ask any floor for me, and then pushed her own button for the second floor.

One floor. I knew she was a jerk just from that moment. Maybe it's just women in elevators. Maybe this an area where men are winning the gender race hands down.

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