Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Where is the Customer in Customer Service

Last night after work I had some running around to do. The plan was to go to the Sprint store and find out why my phone wasn't charging,do some Christmas shopping and stop at the grocery store for a few things.

My first stop is the Sprint Store where they take my name, post it on a big screen so I know I'll be up soon.

I wait about 15 minutes to be called up for service. When my turn comes, me and the Sprint guy have a quick exchange about the phone not charging.

I give him my old charger. He asks if I have insurance on the phone, and I did. He says he'll take it the back and get back to me in 20 minutes.
After 5, he comes out & tells me the charger is the problem, gives me a brand new one free of charge(thanks insurance), and sends me on my way.

Considering Sprint is run by a big corporate plethora of paperwork, I was pretty pleased with the outcome.

Shortly after on my way to Christmas shop, I pass a small grocery store and decide to pick up a few things for my lunch. I get to the back where the deli counter is and have the following exchange with the mistress of the deli meat.

Me: Do you have Boarshead lunch meat?

Her: We haven't carried that brand for over a year. What do you want?

Me: Sorry, I've never been in here before. Let me look.

Her: What would I know I only work here.

She actually seemed offended that I didn't know the deli counter stopped carrying Boarshead lunch meat. Excuse me.

I try to be polite whenever I'm at a store. I say hello to the cashier. I don't take out my daily frustrations on them. But it seems the nicer I get, the ruder they are.

Maybe, it's time for a change. Maybe next time, we'll have this exchange.

Me: Hey Bitch. Give me some turkey.
Her: Why sure. Would you like anything else?

I wish.

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