Friday, February 02, 2007

Comfortably Numb

How's everything going with you? Tell me a story.


There once was a girl who was sad with the state of
her life. Her friends were moving away, having babies,
getting engaged, or planning weddings.
She did not wish to become a bridesmaid.

She works in advertising doing ads for one of the BiG 3,
and last week when she saw smoke across the street, she prayed that X
was burning down its Headquarters for the insurance

She doesn't have any matches and is not a suspect.

As her saddness comes and goes, she wallows a bit, but
true to her Irish nature, decides it isn't time to
lay down.

She forged again into her gym foray of late, enlisting
the help of an older brother, who tutored her on the
weight machines, to supplement her early morning
cardio routine. She's been exercising and trying to
eat healthfully for a few months now.

Feeling optimistic, she hopped on her bathroom scale
even as she cringed inwardly with such an unhelpful

But she is her father's daughther, and got on anyway.
She learned then why she HATED an unliving thing.
How could the weight be exactly one pound heavier than
when she started, yet her clothes were getting looser
and her face was thinning out?

It was then she decided it was all bullshit.

She knew she was working hard and knew she's going to
be a lot happier when she loses this weight. She
joined Weight Watchers online for some added
structure, opting this time to skip the in person
meetings. She realized she's not that nice, and
doesn't care to waste time listening to other ladies
talk about fiber and filling salad toppings.

She knows she can do this on her own, and is finding
WW online a good alternative. She likes any reason to
play with her new MacBook laptop that she bought herself.

She hired someone to do a web site for
her, to put up her portfolio. She was just contacted by a new
recruiter yesterday, and is optimistic about finding a
new job. Hopefully, in a few months.

She read on Yahoo, an article about the top 5 jobs for
2007, copywriter is one of those jobs. And in even
higher demand are CW's who are skilled in both
Interactive and Print. This makes her smile.

This weekend, she's going to hang out with a friend
and spend the rest of it, organizing her job
search materials, watch a documentary from Netflix,and
try not to freeze to death in Michigan's record low
cold tempertures.

She wonders if a new city and a new shape will shake
up the men. She listens to Hot Child every morning on
the treadmill, and knows, "She can be a hot child in
the city, where all the boys all stop and stare."

She doesn't want that attention from men on looks
alone, but is tired of getting used for her brain. She
is boycotting any more male friendships. If the men
don't wish to sleep with her, she doesn't wish to make
them laugh or engage in conversation. Previous male
friends will be grandfathered in, and should not
become alarmed that she will randomly attack them.

Married men friends are not targets either.

She is happy that a renegade cowboy, Nik is her friend
and is planning to run into him sometime again in this

She wants to buy him a beer, and talk about Redford
and Newman, and Mr. Cash.

He never expected such a long story, but he knows how
she can ramble.

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ColleenQ said...

"If the men don't wish to sleep with her, she doesn't wish to make
them laugh or engage in conversation..."


Does writing in the 3rd person help? 'Cause I seem to be a freakin' married man MAGNET and if saying "Colleen's had enough" will help, by God, I will!