Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Not the Hulk

I'm not an angry person. I think I'm fairly even tempered, and am not prone to emotional bursts of anger. I've worked in close proximiety to co-workers and despite stress, frustration and angst, I'm pretty good about staying level-headed.

There are a few people in my life that can make me angry in 3 seconds flat, but those are exceptions, not the norm. I don't tend to operate out of that mode. Often people mistake that for being a push-over.

That is not true.

Lately, I get angry every morning when my alarm goes off at 6 a.m.ish, telling me it's time to go to the gym. And once I rouse myself out of bed, stumble around, dress myself and brush my teeth and get in the car, when I finally get to the gym, I just want to do what I want.

But lately, it's been crowded. New people standing on my treadmill, crowding their way on to my bike and all I want to do is yell for them to get the hell out of my way.

I don't of course, because truth be told, they aren't doing anything wrong. It just pisses me off. That's part of the reason, I drag myself out of bed at that ungodly hour. Because after 5 pm, it's even worse with gym whores.

I'll continue to endure this torture for a while. I'm a mission, but I just don't play well with others at 6 a.m.


Kim Haas said...

Gym whores... that's great! And also why I workout at home. Although I do attend a yoga class about once a week. One Sunday morning it was so crowded that we were practically touching mats and I found myself getting incredibly cranky and easily irritated- not exactly the frame of mind conducive to yoga.

Barrie said...

i wish i could think of a way to make the morning easier, but i can't. for me, it took like 2 weeks to get used to the 6am wake up, but i'm not a coffee drinker and i'm not an angry waker upper so i can't really relate.

as for people taking up your bike or what have you, i think the only thing is to switch up your routine. if someone's on your bike, go to the treadmill or ellipitical. that way you're doing something, and you're changing things up a bit which is always good anyway.

i actually do the weights part first because i know if i do it after cardio the weights area seems to be more crowded. that way i'm not standing over someone impatiently...

you'll learn to kinda like it one day. but definitely keep going. it seems to be so worth it so far!