Monday, February 11, 2008

867 5309

The Eighties are back, or they were for a few hours on Saturday night. I went to a theme party with my brothers at a Knights of Columbus Hall. Complete with wood paneling and beer for $1.75 a bottle.

I felt like I was back in Grayling. But it was fun to relive the 80's now, with beer and less angst. The music back then was innocent and poppy fun.

The biggest thing I remember from the 80's was Strawberry Shortcake dolls, Quiet Riot and Eddie Van Halen. He was my first rock and roll crush.


ColleenQ said...

LOVE the photo...(you're looking so svelte!) but did I miss something? You lived in Grayling in the 80's?

Kelly said...

No, I didn't live in Grayling in the 80's. I guess I should have said, the wood paneling reminds me of the Moose Lodge in Grayling which is perma stuck in that era.

Kim Haas said...

Great photo! Now I can visualize your brothers when I read your stuff. And I agree... you are one svelte 80's girl!