Thursday, February 21, 2008

And the Enevolpe Goes To...

When I was a teenager, I started a love affair with award shows. I love seeing all the celebrities dressed to the 9's, while wishing I could sleep with most of the tuxedo clad men. And I especially loved moving acceptance speeches where a weepy Tom Hanks spoke with honest emotion about his love for his wife, Rita Wilson.

One year in my early 20's, I even got my friend Karlene to dress with me in fancy Oscar attire, while we watched from the living room and sipped apple juice and champagne.

Another year, I went to a coffeehouse that was hosting the festivities and won prizes based on random Oscar trivia.

This year?

I'm attending an Oscar party with a friend at a fancy hotel in Birmingham with free drinks and food. Dressing up is encouraged.

I'm plotting my acceptance speech now.

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