Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pinball, Corner Pocket

I'm having so many thoughts right now that I can't seem to pin even one down. My brain feels like a pinball machine.

Bing. Bing. I want to go to a Tigers game. And a Lions game with my brother. I need to go see my dad before I leave for the weekend. I should get my oil changed. I need to finish up this project. Bang. I loved seeing my cousins yesterday both the originals and the added, meaning my cousin Ed. He's technically not my cousin, but I call him my cousin. He's married to my cousin Shannon. I love them both. Such great people. And very fun to be around. And they never judge me when I say something crazy. Notice I say when? I'm quirky. Can't help it. I say weird things sometimes. You either love me or you think I'm nuts. I'm fine with either. Bing, Bing. Man, am I sleepy. I sure could use a nap, but I won't take one. Tonight, I'm hoping for peace outside my bedroom window. I can't wait to go on vacation on Friday with Connie. Swimming, hanging out, drinking wine, and relaxing sounds like such a great idea. Had lots of fun with my cousin Lacy. It was her birthday yesterday. 21 is a big deal. I remember mine. I was hungover for two days. Probably had alcohol poisoning, but we didn't really know about that then. I got an engraved beer mug. And a black t-shirt with a giant bottle of Budweiser on the front. Classy I know. The new Batman is gonna be so good. Love Christian Bale. Bang, bong. I used to be good at pinball back in the day. Now I suck. It's ok. I've made peace with the fact I'm not good at video games, kickball or hooking up electronics.

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