Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Text Between the Lines

My dad is 63 and he's recently embraced text messaging. Here are a few of my favorites:*

"Was watching something from HALLMARK on TV. CRAP. It always is with them them. Their story is always weak. the background is cheesy and they don't hire any known actors. They SUCK! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

"Your Snuggie has been here since Saturday."

" I hope to see you of course but it may be too cold for salt to even work. Could be risky."

"No but as bored as I am it's worth talking about at least once. Plus, did you notice how I replaced the word HAZERDOUS With the much smaller word RISKY for the purpose of texting?"

*text spelling and formatting have been replicated as they originally appeared.

1 comment:

LQ said...

AWESOME! Your dad and I must have started texting around the same time....I am going to have to hit him up :)