Sunday, January 11, 2009

You've Got Mail

I'm winding down my weekend with a little emailing and tv watching. The organization project presses on. Have scheduled a pick up of my random crap for Thursday, and have shredded what feels like a brick ton of old papers, bank statements.

And it's always made me realize that I have way too much stationary. I need to bring back writing letters to friends. I miss those days when you'd come home to find an actual handwritten letter in the mail.

Granted, I do send cards for Christmas's, birthdays, celebrations and sympathy, but I should be writing more hand written cards, instead of relying on the instant gratification that email brings. Email is still a valid way to keep tabs on my friends and family far and near and I don't see it going away either.

Just more pen to paper. My moment of Zen is approaching. Each day I make progress in another room and soon, I'll be able to head to the store and stock up on all things orgaizational.

Let's hope sleep comes tonight, as I've just dedicated an entire blog to cards and letter writing.

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