Monday, September 13, 2010

OK Monday

Woke up to stare down another day. As far as Monday's in an office go, it's not too bad. No pressing deadlines today, a lunch time walk, homemade potato leek soup for lunch, and now I'm back at my desk. Typing.

Tonight it's time to go visit a good friend that had a baby. It's hard to feel sad while holding an infant. So, looking forward to that. I'd hoped to make them home made dinner, but there just isn't enough time. They'll enjoy some Boston Market instead.

Busy week ahead:
Tuesday: Lotus Night.

Wednesday: Therapy. Then shopping for Connie's birthday gift. I've known her since she was six, but when I asked for some gift ideas, she said no beer or coffee. UGH. Who doesn't want beer? :)

Thursday: Possible walk with a friend after work.

Friday: Is going to be brownie baking for a BBQ on Saturday and more gift shopping, if I haven't found anything yet.

Saturday: Walk and lunch with a friend. Then a BBQ with more friends. Whee.

Sunday: Birthday lunch and walk with Connie.

Let's hope I don't end up at the gas station buying her one of those hanging pine tree car air fresheners.
Yes, staying busy helps me.

In between these days and outings, I'll sleep, do some dishes, sort more clutter at home, mail a few letters, pay some bills, do some work at work, watch Mad Men, and as a friend put it best the other day: Just Be.


Carol Q said...

So gald to see you decided to bite the bullet and write again. But it looks like you'll be too busy to fit me into your schedule now!!!

Kelly said...

No Carol. I will always make time for you. :) Love Kelly

LQ said...

This is good.