Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Write On

I'm lucky in that I get to sit at a desk and write. The bad part of that is because that's the nature of my job, I rarely have the energy of feel like writing outside of my job. But I need to. Writing has always helped me express emotions and deal with my pain.

And unfortunately, this past year has given me a whole lot to work with. Problem is, that my writing is so rusty. It's about as out of shape as me right now. But, I have to put hand to key board. I've kept journals as long as I can remember.

Writing is my escape and my salvation. I have taken small steps in writing in this blog.

Onto some actual longer writing.


Courtney said...

I know how you feel - I write most of my days too and it is so hard to have any interest in doing it when I get home, but I also know it is essential to my well-being. Coming up with a schedule...writing and exercising on alternate days...has really helped me a lot.

Erin Q. Hartman said...

Kelly, I have started writing again.. it feels good!
read my blog I just started it.. the first dream is about your dad.. love EQ