Monday, March 21, 2005

Not a Manic Monday

It's another gray day here in Michigan. Amazing what a little sun will do for a person's dispostion. I'm feeling very tired in spite of the fact that I got plenty of sleep last night and went to the gym this morning before I came to work.

That usually propels me forward with some type of energy, but that doesn't seem to be happening today. I did manage to get my Easter cards out in today's mail. I'm a big fan of cards and reasons to send them, but lately I wonder if I'm going to become one of those crazy old ladies who can't stop themselves from doing all of the following on a certain holiday:

A. Sending out cards to friends and family
B. Buying a themed T-shirt to commerate said Holiday
C. Themed socks

And is this even bad? I don't know. I love holidays. I love cards. Sending them makes me happy because I think about the people I care about, getting a piece of mail that isn't a bill or junk. I know myself when I get something in the mail, it makes me feel happy. Especially if you've had a bad day--it cheers you up. And if it's been a good day, it just makes for an even better day.

I've never gotten any complaints about being thoughtful so I guess I'll carry on. The only person who ever made fun of me, was somebody I used to be friends with. We were at a funeral for a mutual friend, and I made the mistake of giving him a sympathy card. He made fun of me. It was then and there, that I decided we didn't need to be friends anymore.

On a side note, I was flipping through the channels yesterday and actually caught a woman giving birth, and they were pulling a slimy headed baby out of her. I'm sorry but it looked really gross. How come they make such a big deal about a naked butt on NYPD Blue, but there's no discussion about a baby birth?

Strange. It's not my place to say. Let me just say it really can curb an appetite like nothing I've ever seen.

Let's hope Tuesday is a rock-fest.

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