Thursday, March 17, 2005

St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day my fellow Irish,and to anybody who has a drinking problem on this holiday. It pretty much makes you Irish. :)

This year my St. Patrick's Day will be less festive than it has in year's past. I may enjoy a cocktail or two from my living room. The good news is the couch is green, so that makes it festive, not pathetic.
In year's past, I've had a little more crazy times. Like the time I was in college, and I was wearing a green bra, and the bartender announced that the next person to show him their bra, got a free drink. I was just drunk enough that the power of suggestion was strong. I got half way up to the bar, and realized I didn't really want to flash a bartender for a luke warm glass of Miller High Life. I Narrowly held onto my dignity, until I sat down next to this guy, I swear I'd never seen before, who kept kissing me on the cheek. Only to realize in the morning he was in fact in my first class,and I'd never talked to him before.

Then there was the year I was on a business trip in Chicago, and my boss and I ran into this bar and slammed a bunch of those green shooter things, and when we left, I almost got hit by a taxi on Michigan Avenue.

And last year, I was in Chicago again visiting my friend Carl. We drank all day and ate corned beef. It was fun. No death cabs that time. And I got to see the Chicago river died green. I wonder if they ever dunk the Incredible Hulk in there?

Erin Go Braugh.

Kelly Rose Quinlan

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