Wednesday, August 08, 2007

And this just In

Random assortment of things on my mind.

1. When did a merge lane stop becoming merger friendly? Seems to be every time I go to merge lately and I do it nicely with my signal and the right amount of acceleration, the people who are supposed to get out of the way by either speeding up or slowing down enough to give me free way access, have decided to stay put. MOVE

2. This hugely popular series of books about a female bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum who is much more comical than caustic seems to have set my fire for reading again. They're light and fun and easy to read. I can't however fathom reading all 13 in succession.

3. Reading again is saving me the trouble of looking for tv to watch. How many more reality tv shows can we have? Good Lord. I'm thinking they should make one called, " So you think this is a show?", with a constant parade of crazy people peeing on each other. STOP.

4. My younger brother is in town, and seems to really be enjoying us in a way I haven't seen before now. It's a nice change. We're all having dinner together tomorrow.

5.Today is a hungry day. The kind where you feel like you're constantly hungry but at least I'm choosing healthy snacks. Have had a yogurt, cherry tomatoes, a plum, a granola bar. I did forgo the free hot dog giveaway in the parking lot, so anything else is gravy so to speak.

Till next time.

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