Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hope for Carsonville

I might get lucky today. Not in the tangled up sheet sort of lucky, but more in the package delivery arena. You see, My Aunt Erin wrote a book, called Hope for Carsonville about my grandma Hope.

And it is on it's way to me from my friends at I'm closing in on it, but it isn't yet, in my hot little hands.

I'm very excited to read it and hear lots of stories about Hope. She died when I was only 8 years old, so I have only one or two sketchy memories of her. One of them involved sitting at her kitchen table, while she gave me Koolaid. I took a drink, and then I made a face.

Telling my dad, "This doesn't taste like regular Kool-Aid." My dad told me, that's how Hope made it. Without sugar.

And since I've been aspiring to write a memoir type book myself, it is exciting to know it's possible and I'm so proud of Erin. She really put her heart into writing this book.

Thanks to Erin, I'll have a whole new set of stories to enjoy.

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