Monday, September 10, 2007

Reading is Fundamental (RIF)

I'm a media slut.

This weekend, I stockpiled books like I was in the throes of some Worldwide disaster and I'd be left with no reading. Truth be told this behavior isn't a new thing, and if you ask any writer/reader how many books they've got stacked up at home waiting to be read, they'd say at least a dozen.

And how was I rewarded with my binge? My coming into work this morning with an Amazon box sitting on my chair. And what was in it? My aunt Erin's book, Hope for Carsonville.
(shameless plug)

This morning at the gym while on the bike (this has become my morning treat. A small reprieve from the weights and the Elliptical machine) I started, Eat Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. The verdict is still out on this.

Other books I acquired over the weekend, either by really cheap used book store, the library used book sale and the library (free-which is best of all), the following are now waiting for me to turn their pages:

1. Wonder Boys- Michael Chabon. Love the movie. Wanted to see how the book read.
2. Gods in Alabama. Joshilyn Jackson. I've seen this at Borders.
3. Shadow Dancer- Mystery suspense by Susan Anderson.
4. There's a slight chance I might be going to hell- Laurie Notaro
5. Days of Summer- sweeping summer drama. spans generations.
6. The Wonder Spot- Melissa Bank- from the author, Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing.
7.The Bastard on the Couch. Essays from men about being men.
8. Up the Agency-Peter Mayle about working in an ad agency.
9. Five Men who Broke my Heart- A memoir about heart breakers.
10. The Female Brain. Cool cover. Some scientist lady.
11. I was There When it Happened. Marshall Grant's account of life on the road with Johnny Cash.
12. Obsession- Karen Robards. Another Mystery suspense.
13. Only as Good as your Word- Susan Shapiro. Advice on writing.
14. Farewell to Arms. Ernest Hemingway. (used book sale)

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ColleenQ said...

Tony got signed copies from Aunt Erin that he was going to mail to Tiffany and me FOR CHRISTMAS! Are you kidding me? Like we can wait that long...pffffft!