Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thank You

There is still kindness left in the world. I was happy to discover last night.

I was doing my usual drive home and it was raining. So, of course as I'm barreling down the freeway, my driver side windshield wiper blade flys off, making the drive home a bit scary as I couldn't see.

Panicking, I rush to the local oil change place to get a wiper blade. I'd already been to the gas station and the girl behind the bullet proof glass told me she didn't have any wiper blades. I'm guessing if she was behind glass, wiper blades weren't a high priority.

As I pull into the oil change place, the open sign switches off. I pulled around anyway since I was desperate. The girl comes out to tell me they are closed. I tell her all I want is a wiper blade. Problem? The computer had already been switched off. She then tells me where else I could go.

The manager comes out and puts new wipers on my car for me and asks if I can come back tomorrow and pay him.

This morning, I happily stopped on my way to work. And got an oil change while I was there.

It was nice to know that when you're having a bad day sometimes you can still count on the kindness of strangers.

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Barrie said...

remember that dude the next time you need something done to your car. i find that you either get the nicest mechanics or the very polar opposite. hold on to this one real tight.