Thursday, January 10, 2008

Visitor in a Strange Land

Slowly, I am making positive changes in my life. They don't have to be life altering either to have an upbeat impact on my mood. Surely, you're wondering what I'm talking about?

I'm referring to my banishment of quickie hair-cut chains a few years back and the addition of a new gym full of fancy equipment including personalized tvs on each treadmill.

And why does this matter? Well, the haircuts, because I finally realized my hair while I am certainly not obsessed with it, nor do I consider myself "high maintenance", is an important part of my daily appearance. That is when I took a recommendation from a friend for a good salon in Birmingham. The sort of place that offers food and drink while you wait, and employs a separate person that washes my hair, before my stylist comes to give me a cut.

At first, I felt ill at ease in this fancy new salon. Why had I come here and how much was the experiment going to cost me?

The answer of why was clear after that first cut. Sara, did an awesome job and took charge but gave me a great cut that looks good even after it grows out. I'm an official convert and will never go back for a $8.00 haircut again.

And the gym: Well, my old gym was the fitness equivalent of the dive bars I used to frequent. Kind of grungy, nothing fancy, outdated equipment, but at the end of the day it filled my gym requirements.

That was until they raised the price and never would include classes with your paid membership. I decided a change was in order and have landed myself at Yuppie Gym USA.

This gym reminds me of the hair salon or the new club in town. Swanky lightning, low slung cedar benches, fancy weight machines and a tanning bed in the ladies locker room.

I decided I deserve a nice environment to soothe my soul, even if it costs a little more.

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