Friday, May 23, 2008

A birthday plus a holiday

It's the first official weekend of flip flops, shorts, bbq's beer and sun. With plenty of sunblock on my pale Irish skin.

Yes, it's that time. Time for me to head up North to Lake Leelanau with friends in tow to take in some wineries, beaches, maybe a meal out or two and mostly just relaxation.

I know we've got my cousin's 25th birthday party which will be a good time to see all the cousins.

I can't believe she's 25. It seems like I was just at Mckenzie's high school graduation party. I remember freaking out about turning 25 because it was close to 30. To ease the transition my best friends Connie and Karlene threw me a surprise party. Complete with my favorite foods that included Sloppy Joes, and California Pizza. We even had a pinata.

Good times. I was late to my own surprise party though because I was looking at pictures of David Duchovney on the Internet.

Not sure if there will be any David at McKenzie's party...I'm just hoping for a piece of cake.

We'll be celebrating another birthday on Sunday. That of my friend Nevada. She's also turning 25. It's the funniest thing. I've known her a few years, and we've enjoyed her 25th birthday a few times now. :) Must be something magical in the water.

She has bravely agreed to make this road trip with me. I'm certain that we'll all have lots to chat about. We're Gemini's for godsake and we just don't shut up.

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