Monday, May 12, 2008

Iron Man

I like Superheros. Or certainly movies about them. And why not? They're usually empowering and fun to watch without taking themselves too seriously. And this weekend, I took in Iron Man with Robert Downey Jr. It was well done and RDJ is a good actor that was believable with just the right amount of arrogance. Note to men: Some confidence is sexy. The kind that lets you just back up into any space or drive like you mean it, good.

Too much arrogance where you tell a woman what to do because you're sure your way is better? Not sexy. But I digress.

Maybe I enjoyed the movie because I went in with no expectation whatsoever and thus, could hardly be disappointed.

My love of Superhero's started early with my two brothers and our Saturday Morning cartoon ritual of eating cereal in front of the TV so we wouldn't miss the Superhero Sleepover. Can't remember the official name, but all of them would hang out in the same Justice League and solve crimes.

The next Superhero love affair will probably be with the Batman Sequel. Christian Bale was a great Batman, and I'll wait for him to swoop in with a good story.

Granted, not all Super hero movies are created equal, but this one was worth the trip.

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