Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Two Dozen

Things I did today:

1. Went to work.
2. Got aches in my shoulders, neck and head.
3. Ate lunch at my desk.
4. Peed about 6 times.
5. Drank lots of water and one Diet Coke from the can.
6. Walked almost 4 miles after work.
7. Used Target's bathroom like a dressing room.
8. Ate Chicken Kabob for dinner.
9. Shopped and smelled lotion.
10. Drank half a glass of wine, as that's what was left in the bottle in the fridge.
11. Read Entertainment Weekly mostly cover to cover in 20 minutes.
12. Cranked up my ipod.

Things I didn't do:

1. Kiss anybody hello or goodbye.
2. Throw up my lunch.
3. Eat dessert.
4. Trip. (This is a big deal)
5. Watch any West Wing
6. Cure Cancer
7. Skip town
8. Wait too long in traffic.
9. Go to the zoo.
10. Get a new job.
11. Write the Great American Novel.
12. Cut my hair.

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